Mazda's Skyactiv Technology Revolutionizes the Auto Industry

When it comes to the Mazda brand, it all starts with the concept of design. And we're not just talking about the gorgeously styled new Mazda3, Mazda CX-5 and Mazda MX-5 Miata, though the exterior and cabin looks are part of this. Under the hood of the Skyactiv Technology mantra, Mazda has delivered one goal into everything it creates and innovates. It all boils down to what Mazda has done for nearly a century: making cars that are fun to drive. So much has to go into that broad idea, and under the Skyactiv Technology name, Mazda has continued to build cars and crossovers that are safe, sensible and, of course, fun to drive. Come to our Chantilly Mazda dealership to see the fruits of the labor of so many innovative engineers and designers over the decades, and take a test drive in the new model you're interested in so you can enjoy the Skyactiv experience for yourself.

The idea that formed the foundation of the Skyactiv Technology for Mazda began around the time when safety and environmental standards became a huge point of concern for automakers all over the world. Where other brands rushed to put every new piece of technology into their cars to mitigate emissions, deliver greater safety and still be affordable to make, market and distribute, Mazda slowed down and took stock of what was really important. By going back to the basics of what made a car's performance pleasurable, Mazda blended the engines, transmissions and platforms of its vehicles to meet the needs of a changing world, all while keeping the ideals of fun and performance at the forefront.

What Does Skyactiv Technology Mean Today?

For real-world, practical purposes, the Skyactiv engines and transmissions found in all new Mazda models here in Chantilly have a couple goals in mind: be as efficient as possible, while still delivering fun layers of performance. Those seem to be contradictory aims, as it only makes sense that the most efficient vehicles tend to lack in power and performance. But with any new Mazda that you test drive here in the northern Virginia region, you'll find a balance that works perfectly with the entire platform of your car and crossover.

With the engines, you get either the typical Skyactiv-G fuel-powered setup, or the newly designed diesel-powered Skyactiv-D, which delivers new layers of efficiency and performance, starting with special versions of the new Mazda CX-5 crossover. The Skyactiv-Drive and Skyactiv-MT transmissions continue to blend smooth shifting with strong fuel economy outputs. These systems found under the hood of your new Mazda work in perfect harmony with the Skyactiv body and chassis, moving you around northern Virginia with precision and ease.

The Skyactiv-D Engine Revolutionizes the Diesel-Powered Market

Outside of huge trucks and rigs, diesel didn't have much space in the auto market until just a few years ago. With Mazda joining in on this relatively new in-car technology and engineering, the all-new Skyactiv-D offers a low compression ratio in its diesel engine that complies with all kinds of fuel emissions and exhaust standards. With a boost in efficiency, a two-stage turbocharger in this diesel engine delivers a smooth response time to get to high-end speeds in the Mazda you find it in. Learn more about what models will soon be available with the Skyactiv-D technology, and we'll be happy to share with you the latest from our favorite brand.

When it comes to all things Mazda, you can expect to hear the name "Skyactiv" with everything in your new car or crossover. Visit Brown's Chantilly Mazda today and we'll be happy to share with you the latest news and updates.


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